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aha – now i see. Its interesting because there are only 2 ways to live this sort of lifestyle. Either you are employed by a company who need a roving ambassador or sales/marketing team OR you create the lifestyle and market. I have in the past been employed by banks and N. American insurance companies, but the travel schedule was very much down to their business model. i.e. London one day, Leeds the next and maybe Frankfurt the next day, via EasyJet. I wanted to expand the marketing so I left and set up a similar business so i could take my services and products to the markets i wanted to visit. I am now in a position 3 years on, where i can pick and choose the markets I go to. I also spent an enourmous amount of time learning how to book tickets in First and Business which in the main cost about half of the publised fares. I have never looked back. I dont have the big expense account but I have accumalated more airmiles than I could ever possibly use and they are still growing, i am travelling at least 1 long haul a month. Isit hard work – well what other job is there where you commute to your work, by having a meal, watching a movie and then grabbing a shuteye, only to be woken for breakfast.

The key for me was choosing my end game and then working backwards.

So in answer to your question about the kind of work for someone with a legal background, whatever your skill set is, find out if and how it can be used in the markets and areas of travel you want to visit.

I actually wasnt being flippant when I sugegsted you mix law with travel related issued. If you are employed, put a busienss plan together and present to your directors or Partners. If you are self employed, research a solution.

Whilst the identity of the people who contribute to this site remain ‘closed’ I think there would be a benefit if somehow the moderator or site administrator could put people in direct touch. I would be more than happy to help you put somnehting in place, but i do not belive that you can acheive this through anonymous posts.

As a side issue, in a very former life, going back 15 years, I was a commerical pilot, not with the airlines but flying for a corporate flight department. I became fed up with it becasue although I was travelling, i was not earning anywhere near what i am earning today. The difference between a pilot and a professional (traveller) is that i decide on my markets and where and when i travel.

Good luck to you Max, if the site administor wants to pass my email address over to you, I would have no issue in you contacting me directly. This site is used by like minded people who like what they do,

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