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I think the main issue is we all think we are more important than we really are. Climate change is a natural course of action for mother nature. Look back at the tables of ice ages / temperatures over thousands of years. For example this:

i just found on google.

Do you see a pattern? up down up down go the temperatures and they didn’t have planes in the middle ages. Do you really think that by offsetting anything we do will change what will naturally occur? I mean come on all of us here will be long gone as will our grandchildren’s grandchildren when mother nature decides to throw us into the next ice age or the next period of heat… global warming…mmm we don’t have enough solid evidence to suggest anything we did do and will do now can change this from happening.

With the weather in the UK as it is all the global warming experts have gone extremely quiet. I’m not saying we shouldn’t try and save the planet but the planet will get rid of us through natural selection when we have messed around with it enough. It’s an evolution revolution.