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Indeed an interesting thread…

I am sure we are all concerned regarding the introduction of body scanners, & the many issues this raises. If all passengers have to pass through these, (Even just to the US), it will make travel very unpleasant, slow, more time consuming. Business as well as leisure travellers will find many more hours added onto their required time, & all with a cost of personal & work time.
I agree that profiling, used very successfully around the world, needs to be the common tool for assessing travellers. In Psychology / Psychiatry, my area of work/Business, the assessment of behaviour is as important as pre-screening for this purpose. It is used in Australia at Airports with customs & Immigration staff, trained in these techniques & skilled in these indicators. They can be used remotely (through cameras eg), & perhaps the use of thermal imaging could be enhanced.
It is not possible to consciously control Autonomic functions of the body, or all aspects of yr behaviour that reflect out to the skilled eye.

Personal Security status/certification based on regularity on a route, within yr normal patterns of travel, how you purchase yr ticket (Cash vs cards /accounts), Frequent flyer status history, single or returns, days spent, place where you stay etc…
All these aspects can be calculated to provide an “out of pattern” or flagged up indicator, & a level of risk, which could be matched with a “security certification level”.
So, I would suggest & hope, that a long term strategy is developed, not just knee jerk from Governments.

I would like to see our cutlery/ knives & forks kept on board too! Clearly to anyone sensible, you could use the fork as a weapon, much more than a blunt knife..and even a broken plate or glass!
Otherwise, we shall all end up in a “locked down” cabin as in Psychiatric Forensic Units, where all is screwed to the floor & plastic or steel!

Openess & honesty about the current climate, what they are doing in terms of reducing services, facilities so we can make a proper choice.
Singapore Airlines is currently failing in this mixing cabins on varying aircraft, “New” seats & Cabins are swapped for older aircraft, & basically you buy a ticket to find what you have bought is completely different, regional for worldwide.
Clear, open honest please.
Fares have not been reduced into 2010, in fact many long hauls have increased considerably on last year. So, lets see what we pay for please.

BT & The Forum
Finally, a better balance on BT & Its forum.
A standard of contribution that is more suggestive of the professionalism of business, rather than personal attacks, which at times, have bordered on discriminatory/ unlawful, & offensive.
Everyone should be able to express their views, share their experiences, discussion, debate, resource sharing.

The site appears obsessed with BA, lets have a better balance.
Much more interesting to hear of Contributors travel experiences on different Airlines, places, hotel groups, & tips from around the world, to assist us all in making 2010 as best a travel experience, as the current climate will allow.

I suggest, The Forum be regarded as a community, where not only the facilitators of the platform / BT, & its members set a standard of contribution, & tolerance of acceptable behaviour.

If it does continue as it is, BT may well find it is being investigated by Authorities for facilitating its content. BT has responsibilities under law, as every individual.

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