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Hi everyone !!

First of all — I wish all a good start and prosperous New Year !! This is goes especially to our BT staffs in Hongkong and London for doing a great job in 2009 ! So we hope and expect the same great job in 2010 !

Hey Jonathan !! Nice thought to start this new thread and a very good question: what do people collectively want from the travel industry this year ?

I am sure a lot of people have their special issues which they mostly liked or hated. One very present issue is of course–security matters when flying. How would efficient security checks before the flight at the airport or during the flight or after the flight are done properly and very important–with respect to one’s rights.

One key aspect has been raised already: profiling–how could it be used righteously and not just getting personal informations from someone to use against him/her? Which authorities should be allowed to use it and how intensively will such profiling goes to someone’s personal life?
And the other current issue of body scanners? How effectively are they really? How to use it against those individuals who feel insulted and humiliated by such way of security checks?

Very though questions indeed! Different people, race, cultures and attitudes will always be the key factors in making those security aspects work or ( hopefully not ) not work at all. Everyone of us approach such security checks differently. Some have learned to live with such checks since they are young or for a longer period of time. They have learned to live with it and is a part of their lives–as it is a vital aspect of living secure. They do not see it as a harassment or interferring in their personal lives–but it is just a routine: ” if you have nothing to hide, so there is nothing to be insecured of–right ?? “

While others in the contrary–never experienced such security checks in their lives or scarcely. And though such people feel offended, insulted or humiliated for being involved in such matters as they have not the experience to find it normal. Most of these people feel –i n the first place — of being check personally–yes, it is very personal. When other people or authorities ask you personal questions or ask you to undergo any body search or extensive checks. In countries where such interference or questioning on one’s individual rights are against the constitution or not a part of their cultural upbringing or just normal aspect of living—these people find it appalling and hurting their feelings and offending their rights as free individuals. And in some regions in our world–these checks could lose “someone’s face” which is very important for those people involved and hurt. These people are more reluctant or do not find it alright and normal–but in contrast they feel too expose to the authorities and their control mechanism, humiliated infront of strangers in public. Very sensitive matters indeed !!.

I believe beside those wishes to fly in comfort of a full flat bed, great food&beverage onboard,outstanding onboard service attitude from CSD, Pursers and F/As, great perks in one’s frequent flyer programme, heavenly lounges full of great food and drinks with SPA facilities and special escort services at check and boarding –just feeling pampered and special on board our favourite airlines—-the omnipresent aspect of securities before, during and after our flight–will be always the prime issues in our everyday travel around the world.

I just hope that inspite of those different security procedures in different countries—these aspects should be done righteously and most important: will all due respect to one’s individual rights whatever race, religion, status or colour this person has—- a smile and a sensible communication between pax and security personals during such procedures help to ease tensions down and built up understanding for such thoroughly actions and checks.

Safe travels and enjoy your perks during your flights extensively !!
Great and peaceful flights to everyone in 2010 !!


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