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CallMeIshmael: It is right for the authority to fine airlines colluded to price-fixing on cargo rates or ticket prices and many airlines were fined last November by the European Commision which included my home grown airline Cathay Pacific and neighbouring Singapore Air.
It was not the first time I’ve heard such news and it will not be the last!

But Air France was fined the most, to be followed by KLM and BA came the third. It is common in the business world to “co-ordinate” the charges between companies in certain sectors. I don’t endorse such a cartel like practices but it is the reality of business life.

But I don’t see any connection you are relating to these fines to the CC work conditions negotiation!!!!!

I don’t not side with either party but curious to understand the background of this impasse.

Just want to use a reliable air transport service without constant threat of a strike!