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This forum is extremely interesting and there are one or two people who really shine brightly in terms of contributions. NTarrant is one who i give ‘resepct’ to as is ‘VK’ who seems to be in all places at one time. This place is a far better place for having contirnutions from these 2!

However, the recent comments aimed at Geohoveuk about “no idea of running a large business” are way of mark in connection with the BA / Unite dispute. Why should the likes of Geohoveuk (hell of a name there) and to that extent myself have our travel plans be put is dissarray just becase Walsh and Unite are playing ‘how to run a large company – how to destroy a large company”. The plain and simple facts are that Unite have wthdrawn their labour, BA are unable to operate effectively.

Its not about giving in or who is bullying who, it is about finding a solution. if we take VK and NTarrants view, then there is never going to be a solution. Its like a child and a parent at logger heads about about how much time the child can spend on his PS3.

Personally i think BA needs a fresh leader as this action can not be made to be the focus of a general election but on the basis that Walsh will not step down, then I beleive termination notices should be sent to every employee refusing to work. Failing this, then put the company into liquidation and start again like Swiss have done.

It is an absolute disgrace that a face off of this nature can occur in British Industry, timed as it is, just before a general election. Somebody earlier on said the only people that count are the business onwers the shareholders – all I know is that it sickens me to the teeth to buy airline tickets and fund anither country’s economy, when my country UK, England, Great Britain or what ever other term we use, needs my business more than a foreign airline.

My only message is to Walsh and co, Unite and co, stop beinmg arrogant little sods, get off yourhigh hirses and sort this problem out like adults. Its not about ‘winning a game’ its about peoples lives and their abiloty to pay mortgages as well as being able to work and get to work. I am sure a group of 11 year olds could sort this mess out far better and quicker than the current band of players who are just too arragant to see the wood from the trees.

Amen – let move on…………………….

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