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Oh no, you have got me on smoking now.

I am a smoker but just hate the smoking lounges, particularly at BKK, I am sure they deliberately send more smoke in through the air con as some sort of sick joke. Everybody should learn from Sin where they know how to do it.

London airports, particularly LHR where they do not have any smoking rooms but want to be taken seriously as a transit airport. Pathetic.

SSH where they have an airside smoking room, but take your lighter/matches from you at security before you get to it. WTF.

Shops where they now have to shutter the smoko’s. I don’t know if they stock my brand, and if they don’t I can’t pick another as you cannot see the darn things. Amazing, like choosing some coffee in a shop where they hide the stuff. I am not trying to buy under the counter porn, just a nicotine hit.

Why are airplanes still built with no smoking signs lit up, everybody knows you cannot smoke, they make an announcement. You cannot have signs for everything, they don’t have signs for do not snort coke, or shoot heroin or smack the pilot in the gob or pee in the aisle, we know we cannot do those things, we know we cannot smoke….sort yourselves out. Reminds me of my local vicar god bless him, had to put up no smoking signs in the church, a 14th century masterpiece of architecture ruined with no smoking signs due to beurocratic nonsense. Nobody ever smoked in the church, not even at Xmas midnight mass when half the congregation were pissed as newts….nobody…..ever……it don’t need a ruddy sign to tell people not to do what they were not doing anyway. Makes my blood boil.

Jeez I like this thread, I feel so much better now!

Edited to add…….I give up smoking regularly, a master at it, when I do I hate the smell of smoke like any non smoker. I am perfectly happy to be herded to an area that does not bother others when I am smoking. My rant is not about being unable to smoke where I want, it is just what it says, how some things really do numb the mind. Makes me want to give up….again.

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