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Ian, I have just trawled back through my iPhoto app to remind myself of the lift instructions kindly provided at the Beyangol (business) Hotel, Chinggis Khaan Avenue in Ulaanbaatar. The first boldly proclaimed “Warning: Do not by touch hand!” whilst the second stated “Do not recline for dangerous fall down!” Clearly there was a need for the second notice in the offending lift you frequented.

Beyond that, I am still mulling over making a Trip Advisor posting about the Beyangol because, in the words of my ex-Holiday Inns Asia-Pacific colleague, “whilst the service was repeatedly flawed, their service recovery was, at least, prompt….!”

The first problem, despite asking to be put on one of the business floors, was that wifi access was only available either from a particular spot sitting on the loo or out in the lobby by the lifts. As there was an out-of-Olympics world judo competition taking place at the time, the place was packed with some serious Teutonic muscle which insisted on Skype conversations in the lobby in the early hours. Not good. So, I insisted on a move – and was given a newly refurbished room which supposedly had hard-wired as well as wifi… Neither worked, so a further trip to the front desk. Operative dispatched who worked out that the cables had not been correctly connected – at which point internet yes but TV…. Err, sort of. It was at the time of the World Cup final so whilst it may have been taking place at four in the morning, I might have liked to watch it other than through a blizzard effect.

Came back to the room the following evening and sat down on the side of the bed only to have the entire edifice collapse around me. As the front desk knew me well enough by then, the manager came up to look this time, soon followed by sundry other staff – some of whom were clearly desperately containing their sniggering: “So, this is the standard of our newly improved rooms…”

But at least, being Mongolian, they were entirely charming about everything at all times.

My rant? Beyond taking HM Border Agency /Force /Department /Service (whichever it is this week) to task upon recent return into LGW for the utterly inept queue management (apparently Gatwick’s responsibility….), selfish oiks who appear to think that buying a ticket for anything gives them the right to put (dirty) feet on seats, drop their litter, turn lavatories into cess pits and generally despoil their environment for all others. Manners maketh man and the total lack on consideration for others by some is positively stupefying.

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