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Hotel plug sockets. It seems to have escaped the designers of hotel rooms that travellers travel with laptops, smartphones, battery packs, tablets and a host of other things all of which require charging at some point. So why the *** do you:
1. Not have international multisockets
2. Have the only two sockets near the desk so close to each other that you can only plug something into one at a time
3. Hide the sockets under the desk, or behind a bedside unit, or have it randomly halfway along an empty wall so there is nothing to put the thing that is being charged except on the floor
4. Have all the power sockets turn off when you remove your room key from the little slot by the door or when you turn the master light switch off at night

Instead, try installing several usable multisockets near convenient surfaces, with both 110V/220V power. Stay in the Peninsula Bangkok if you want an idea of how it can be done. While you are there, note the other clever things they have done, like having just one, intuitive remote control for the TV/DVD/sound dock; and a load of sockets on the front of the TV cabinet (with another power multisocket!) so we can connect our own devices and play our own content. And watch it in the TV over the bath as well. And have buttons by the bath that let you answer the phone without having to get out. Then note all the controls on the bedside phones that let you control all the major things in the room, with clear labels, that automatically light up when you put your hand near the phone. I love that. And note the headphone sockets on each side of the bed that allow you to continue watching your TV programme in bed while your partner sleeps. Think about how all these things make life easier for guests.

Oh, and while we are on electrics – yes, I know lots of people like coffee. I don’t. So don’t give me some stupid complicated coffee machine that is incapable of producing hot water for tea that doesn’t taste of coffee. Or, if you do have one of those, give me a proper kettle as well. And for god’s sake give me proper decent mugs, not some pathetic little cup suitable only for mini-espressos. That’s just irritating. Bastards.

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