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I think I’m getting into the swing of this now!!

In no order;

1 – Inconsiderate loud mobile phone use in public places – self important fools.

2 – People staring at smartphones instead of watching where the hell they are going….

3 – People making a noise in the 1st quiet coach on East Coast trains – it’s a QUIET coach

4 – UBER drivers who have NO idea where they are going & despite having Sat Nav, ask you for directions

5 – On a night flight – when everyone is ‘sleeping’ – suddenly turning ALL the lights on at once instead of slowly – pretty sure cabin crew do this as a joke!

6 – Hotels – why the hell have a ‘mobile check in’ line when it’s always unattended (Marriott) or likewise unattended, the VIP Hhonors line?

7 – Hotels (mainly UK) – why no plug socket by the bed?

8 – Hotels (USA) – why bleat about how we need to save towels & save the planet in One fell swoop whilst raving about your Green credentials but at the same time, have a family sized fridge / freezer in each room (empty) but turned on full.

9 – Waiters (mainly USA) – don’t ask me “how’s it tasting sir” when its plain for all to see, that I haven’t started yet….

10 – Cabin crew – when you lower the privacy divider to pass something to the window seater, please remember to raise it again before rushing off – several times each flight.

11 – UK immigration (particularly LHR) – get a bloody grip!! – I have a UK passport, I was born here and I live here – don’t make it so difficult for me to enter my own country.

12 – People who wait in line at the security screening area for 20 mins and only when they finally get to the front do they start to remove laptop, coat, belt ad infinitum – holding up everyone else, who are already prepared…

13 – BA – Don’t send me another Email offering me 1,000’s of Avios points for some credit card or other, the day after I’ve wasted 3 hours trying to get any Avios availability on any flight I’m looking at for the next 6 months.

14 – Luggage on chairs – in lounges, boarding gates, buses, trains, heathrow express etc – for god’s sake put your luggage on the floor or the luggage racks so others can sit down you stupid self centered, ignorant fools.

15 – People who leap out of their seats and scramble to retrieve their luggage from the overheads the minute the aircraft arrives at the gate (although I do enjoy watching the inevitable chaos that ensues)

16 – Hotels, even very expensive ones, where the heating/cooling is either impossible to figure out or the heater/cooler makes more noise that a jet engine.

17 – Heathrow airport’s ‘expedited connection orange card’ – you may as well hold up a schoolboy type “kick me in the arse” notice for all the good these orange cards will do you….

Rant over – for now but, perhaps more to follow…

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