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*> Places large soap box at feet:
*> Ascends said box:
*> Engages typing fingers

So, it has been mentioned on this thread already, and I have also mentioned it before, but my absolute pet peeve is the use and abuse of mobile phones. WHY is it beyond the comprehension of normal, rational and sometimes intelligent people to not answer their phones? The instant it rings, these aforementioned good people turn into the most ignorant and rude douchebags known to mankind. Can the call be oh-so urgent as to necessitate a long and uninteresting call whilst sat in a crowded lounge/on a crowded train or wherever there are other humans around?

Many is the time I look at the call on my own phone, deem whether or not I actually need to speak to the person calling, and if I don’t, I simply ‘red phone’ it and send a text explaining I am in transit/in crowded place. Alternatively, if I do need to speak to the caller, I point blank refuse to turn into one of those pompous windbags and get off my (not inconsiderable) rear-end and vacate the area I am in to avoid those around me having to listen to my inane drivel.

It bewilders me why public places don’t have more “no phone” signs, a restaurant I frequent has lately put up these signs and they get my custom more oft than not when I am out dining, is it really too much to ask that whilst I am out enjoying a meal that I am not listening to Windy-McGasbag slavering into his mouthpiece?

I am sure the world (at least my world) would improve dramatically if the me-me-me-me brigade could, just for that little nanosecond as their obnoxious ring-tone goes off, actually have half a thought about their impact on everyone else.

Oh, and I am thoroughly irritated about this thread as K1ngston beat me to the whole charging for wifi thing……I need to take extra blood-pressure medication with me if I’ve not stayed in a hotel before on the off-chance wifi is chargeable as I tend to lose all rational thought and demand to speak to manager/hotel owners/town mayor/Parishioner and of course the MP for the ward to vent my considerable rage at them daring to charge me for something I can get for free in McDonalds and ASDA…..anyhoos, I shall now alight my cube.


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