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Nice topic Ian…..
Hope your back gets better soon, I had never suffered from a sore back until I came home from back home, a month of clearing my family home back in BC, after my mum left to party with the angels, then add in a long-haul flight back to Scotland = excruciating pain resulting in me doing a passable impression of a discarded piece of plywood lying in the middle of the living room. I would happily have allowed a vet to shoot me!! So, my thoughts are with you …..
Now to my rants……..
1) Agree with Mr Michael’s point 2, and am going to add in the fairer sexes ability to turn extracting cash from am ATM into an exercise in advanced accountancy. —— Check balance- print statement—study statement —withdraw cash —- check balance—- print statement ….Now, if I see more than 2 ladies standing in the queue I don’t even bother joining the queue!
2) I quite like the fancy dancy air dryers, what drives me crazy, is hotels/establishments that believe going upmarket means removing urinals from their toilets. Sorry, but god created me with the tools to use a urinal……
3) Back to queues, people who wait until they get to the belt and the scanner at security before removing boots, belts etc. Get a bloody move on you idiots; I have a dr5ink in the lounge to get to.…….
I’m sure I can think of more things that irritate the hell out of me……will need to wait till after my meeting.

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