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Agree with you about the lifts Ian, maybe not on the hand dryers. Your fault for being so tall! Hope your back gets better.

Ok, my rants are travel related.

1, The new fangled milk portions in a sort of long plastic bag, I generally ask for a good handful of the confounded things as I end up spilling most of it. They are impossible to open them without spilling some milk. Most airlines use them now, not surprised the planes stink!

2. Women that queue up to pay for something, then when they get to the front of the queue and hand over the items they wish to purchase they wait for the operator to tell them how much and then decide to start rummaging to find their purse to pay for it. It is almost like it is a surprise they actually need the purse….did they think it was going to come to £0!

3. Anybody on a mobile phone when I am trying to get a nap/relax/eat/drink/read/write/, I find this worse on trains. I don’t mind the call, it is the shouting in to the thing that gets my goat. When on a mobile myself I am conscious of those around me and talk just loud enough for the person on the other end to hear. Most calls I am sure are a total waste of bandwidth. Mine excepted of course!

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