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We don’t seem to get too many rants on here – not from regular posters, anyway – and I think it is high time that we livened things up by having a “rant” thread.

Here is the thing that is really bugging me at the moment. Background – I am tall (6’3″) and currently have a very bad back (four damaged discs), which means my back hurts like hell, and bending hurts even more (in fact I am under medical instruction not to bend at all at the moment).

So here’s my question: Why the *** is it that nearly every time I go into a modern hotel lift I have to squat (normally I would bend double, but currently I can’t) to press the blasted lift button?? Yes, yes, I know it is supposedly to help the wheelchair-bound, but you know what? Pretty much every wheelchair user capable of pressing a lift button has arms, and can reach up – and, frankly, much more easily than I can reach down to a button somewhere near my knees. It’s even worse in modern trendy hotels where the lighting is so dim and the lettering on the indicator plate so small that anyone whose eyes are located above their crotch is going to find them impossible to read. So I am now reduced to squatting each time I get into a lift, which is resulting in some very funny looks. So why the *** do they do that???

While we are on the subject – the new-fangled hand-dryers (Dyson Airblade and similar) – the current trend seems to be to set these so low down one might be forgiven for thinking they are for drying one’s feet. I am currently finding these virtually impossible to use, so unless there is a handtowel option (which seems increasingly rare) I leave the restroom with damp trousers because I have to wipe my hands on them. More odd looks.

It is bad enough that nowadays airline seats are too small/short and there isn’t any legroom any more – being uncomfortable is one thing, but being in a position (literally) where I have to contort myself to use these things is driving me insane. I honestly believe there can be no sensible reason for this, it is just a ridiculous trend, and I for one would like it stopped.

Do share your own rants about things (travel-related, if only loosely!) that make no sense at all.

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