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Ah the controversial water cooler moment …

The worse part, is the variance and enforcement of policy and guilt placed on the individual travelling … here goes

Is it based on title / grade? = Yes and No

Director, Director Gen, CEO and those who think they’re god in an organisation – generally business class, except for EUROPE less than 4 hours…

Distance travelled – over 5 hours, 7 hours, 9 hours… when is business travel granted – if at all?

“Technically” – the operative word here: one organisation, 7 hours, one was 8, one was 9 hours… entitled you to business class. BUT only if you were landing and having a business meeting within 4 hours of landing…

So what happened, folk put in one tiny meeting (informal) within 4 hours, to qualify, biggest wriggle ever, and everyone was onto it… if you were lower ranked, you lost out.

Worse is EAST coast of US, is on the borderline of 7-8 hours… so department I was with, many were disgruntled to have to fly Econ.

That said, British airlines generally have PE, and many paid (like me) or used frequent flyer miles to upgrade…

Combination of title and travel time?

Subject to the gods calling the shots or your accountant/budget holder

Does your company even allow business class travel?

One didn’t, and I tell you, it sucked doing 20 hours, (connecting and internal flights) sitting right next to your director. Never worked there again…

Is it economy only?

Yes for less than 5 hours…which means generally everyone flies Economy in Europe/Israel is on the cusp as are some north African places… or you’re CEO who gets biz even in Europe…

Premium economy for long haul?

Yes, if the airline does PE, many Asian airlines oddly still don’t do PE, but its catching on…

Is the price subject to if you are within budget or is it managed by policy?

Generally in cahoots with the budget manager/accountant of your ‘section/department’ – with the top man who wants to travel or wants you to travel…

The worse blackmail ever – is being told you can go, but only if you do Economy… most want the trip, so give in and take it.

When that happened to me – for Long Haul: I always worked with those doing the booking, to get me a class of ticket, that allowed me to spend frequent flyer miles, to upgrade, so *know your ticket issue codes* the ones that let you upgrade by miles/paying and ones that do not…

When its a flush year, travel Biz – keep frequent flyer miles, for when its a fallow year and everyone’s saving money, and then use those flyer miles and don’t begrudge you got those miles doing business in the first place.

Good luck !! nothing splits entitlement on airline class of travel than this question !

So moral of the tale – keep the policy consistently applied to ALL and stick with it and avoid that water cooler moment…

ps, in an Org with 500+ employees

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