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@rferguson. I really appreciate your very knowledgeable response. Indeed BA288/289 have this 3 class layout where the F cabin is now J (it is a 747-400 with the old First cabin), so this may well be part of the issue. I take that flight twice a month (yes) and clearly being in the upper deck or the front cabin does make a difference in terms of the attention you get (we were in the main CW cabin in the flight I was talking about). I do agree that the real cause of many cabin crew being disengaged may well be due to how they are treated and to the stale product around them (per a previous comment) so I am not really blaming the cabin crew (though the specific FA who ‘looked after’ us on that flight was in my mind ‘off the chart’ unpleasant) but rather BA management. Finally, why do I fly BA? Simple. In Phoenix BA289 is the ONLY flight to go directly to Europe. I prefer to swallow the high price/poor service vs. spending more time on planes and/or braving weather/connections in ORD/PHL/DFW and the likes. I am just a (somehow willing) hostage to BA 🙂