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Many will know that I am far from a BA apologist.

But it always baffles me when I read posts from the same people that dislike BA immensely, do not enjoy their service, feel ripped off – yet continue to fly them.

OK….I get that some people will not have an option such as locked into a corporate account. But for those that do…..why? Every BA destination it flies to from LHR has competition – whether it be a direct or indirect flight.

Why continue to choose BA over a competitor that you deem has a superior flying experience?

I just don’t get it, sorry.

As for the OP’s flight from PHX – yes sounds like a disaster. But there was obviously something going on behind the scenes there. I can honestly say in fifteen years of working longhaul flights with BA that I have never ever worked on one where we did not do pre departure drinks or papers. Yes, sometimes it happens that people board very late and in the rush of getting the door closed and the cabin ready for departure they may be missed. It happens. We are stretched on board. Unfortunately BA does not have the luxury of paying a group of Indian or Sri Lankan economic migrants a wage of peanuts and thus able to put more on each aircraft.

Everything about that flight including the time it took to get the first drinks service and meal out tells me that there was a non-normal issue on it. Perhaps a crew member had gone ill in PHX stretching the almost limited number even more or something else. In such a situation we, as crew, would do all possible to minimise the impact to our passengers. Some are better at this than others. Does this mean this kind of service is acceptable? Absolutely not.

A more likely scenario – I believe PHX has recently changed to a three class service on the 747 with old F effectively becoming CW. Again, this has resulted in a chop of the crew numbers on board as well as new service routines likely that the crew on that flight were experiencing for the first time. Again, it doesn’t mean that an ‘attitude’ from a crew member is acceptable. But on the flip side it also doesn’t mean that BA crew in general are poor across the board as others have implied on this thread.

Does anyone think we enjoy when someone asks is they can have the cheese AND the dessert and we have to reply ‘sorry, one or the other’. Absolutely NOT and it should not be like that. Does anyone think we enjoy handing out pathetic plastic punnets of fruit in Business Class for breakfast? No – it is an utter embarrassment. Add to this the daily battle of working on old aircraft, IFE that is out of date, a generation of seating that is no longer really acceptable and I can assure you, it isn’t an easy environment to work in. Especially when our employer then goes and does stupid little things like taking the earplugs and eye shades OUT of the washbags. Yes, the two most essential items you will need for a night flight.

So – vote with your wallet.

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