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@ Alloverthegaff, thanks for your considered response. As I said in my humble submission, it was my experience and my expectations that I refer to as a BA supporter. I have never had the pleasure of travelling first class on any airline, so could not comment on first class service and facilities. I travel probably 85% economy and 15% business.

@KarlMarx, OK, lets put BA a 3 star and downgrade IB to 2*. Not bothered to be honest. The main point I was making was that in my view BA are far superior to IB on the same route, often with the same aircraft, and at the same price…and the same company!

I did ask the cabin member seeing pax off the aircraft if they were proud to work for IB. She did not actually answer but looked at me as if she did not undewrstand the question, although her English had been fine 30 minutes previous.