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MrMichael – 06/01/2015 20:21 GMT
I think with BA you get staff that try hard, some try hard and fail miserably but they try.

I cannot agree with that statement in the least. It has been my own experience in flying with BA that it is most unusual to get a good service on board or on the ground. The one and only area where BA could (and should) potentially beat all the much better airlines with direct aisle access/chauffeur cars/fine dining/IFE systems out there is on service. Regrettably, it is my experience that their staff do not try hard, and that is something of an understatement. Many is the flight with them when I sit with an empty glass and a petted lip berating myself for falling for the cheap price point whilst the crew hide in the galley. I would most certainly concede that BA have reduced their prices lately, I’ve found them extremely competitive on several routes I fly, but to be honest, I’m now at the stage of not wanting a cheap deal as I know it will be an experience I won’t enjoy.

I get the impression that BA have a genuine desire to be great….on the ground and in the air…and most staff are actually proud to be a part of BA.

Again, I cannot see where you get that from? Indifferent service, poor food (and it really is), crowded lounges and a hard product which now lags behind practically all major carriers, they’ve innovated nothing in the past 10 years and launched shiny new aircraft with average old and inconvenient seating. From my point of view, they’ve become mediocre at best and their overall offering shows a desire to save money, nothing else.

You can chalk me up to a “BA basher” if you will, but I’ve grown tired of giving them chance after chance, even on my last flight with them last week I went in with low expectations and even those weren’t met, is it really so difficult to have basic manners?

We all know BA are capable of delivering a decent service, any airline is, but it is my experience (one which seems to be replicated by many posters on this forum) that BA no longer care about their customer, but have a steely eye on their margin to satisfy their patient and un-trusting share-holders.

Where BA also win is with their Avios programme, their routes from LHR and their prices, but I have to take exception that they “try hard” or that they have a desire to be great neither of these statements ring true with me based on many years of disappointing flights and service.

This past year I have flown with EK on 14 1st class sectors, Virgin Atlantic, Cathay, JAL & AA long haul, short haul I’ve done countless Easyjet’s and indeed, some BA’s to London. I can say with clarity that the only airline I’ve felt short changed on was with BA – I feel it in the tired product, the poor service and the on-board offerings – be that for a drink, to watch a movie or to have some ‘food’, even though the BA price point was a lot less I see that as little consolation as I sit with an empty glass, a dodgy stomach and squinting at the tiny screen – the of course the old chestnut of climbing over some random’s limbs….

Flying back from JFK in 2013 upstairs on a lovely old 747 I had my best ever BA flight, the IFE was just as bad, the seat just as inconvenient and the food every bit as average as it always is, however, the service was awesome, and I mean as good, if not better, than any airline I’ve flown. What a great shame that this is one of the only BA flights I can recall which was memorable for the right reasons, and for balance, of the 14 1st class EK flights I had this year, only one of them fell short of excellent.


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