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Probably not best to ask Singapore airlines about profit. Last year they had a profit reduction of 71% and only made $28m USD.

Same core issue as many European and Qantas etc, competition from the Gulf forcing them to reduce prices.

And living in Asia and a regular flyer on Singapore, last year I did 10 or so return trips around Asia mostly double hops as I don’t live in Singapore, plus two return to Aus and one to the UK in J. I personally think their service is very overrated. It is very mechanical which is fine when it works because it is great, but as soon as you or some other pax throw them off by asking for something out of script they easily loose track of what they are doing and things turn to custard.

As for BA, haven’t flown them since I lived in the UK, 4 years or so now. Most of my trips with them were in Club Europe and even back then it was disapointing to say the least, in terms of service and product. Miss the bacon rolls in the lounge though. Guess that sums it up.