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@FirstClassWannabe “I cannot wait to read Mr Michael’ s comment to that!”

Put simply I disagree. I think with BA you get staff that try hard, some try hard and fail miserably but they try. Many a forum subject on the fortunes and misfortune of legacy v mixed fleet.

On IB you get no effort. Some are good, but those that are bad just don’t even try to get it right…..mañana.

I get the impression that BA have a genuine desire to be great….on the ground and in the air…and most staff are actually proud to be a part of BA. On IB it seems to be minimum effort to get the job done….job done being getting the pax to their destination quickly and get rid of them. I don’t think IB staff have any pride in their airline, BA staff in the majority of cases do.

On this forum we see BA lovers (me being just one) BA bashers who would not say a good word come what may, and those indifferent and will base their opinion on their last experience. Most airlines hardly get a mention, Virgin, United, SAS & Flybe, a few large airlines that probably lots on this forum use regularly but for whatever reason do not write much about them. BA attracts more than its fair share of comment, some positive and some negative, some fair, some not.

Ultimately BA and IB are of the same group, IAG, but my experience and honest view is they are culturally worlds apart, and BA is by far, for me, the better experience with a culture I like. They do not always get the product right, but by golly they do try. Some knock BA for daring to make a profit……what the heck is that all about. As a business traveller forum I would have thought most people on this forum would have some business nouse….but too often we here the gripe…..”BA are just out for profit”. YES…most businesses are.

I guess for me BA is like an errant child, infuriating but you love it anyway. IB on the other hand… a sick dog….should be put down….as they are a bunch of lazy overpaid robotrons…..and soon!

There you go…..that’s what I think. If your wondering why I use them, I refer you to a previous post and the travel manager I have to use who thinks long haul is LHR T4 to Cockfosters.

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