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*sigh* – Yes, just flown long-haul again with BA, was lured in with excellent fare (thanks Tim Fitzgerald!) but was again underwhelmed. The crew on the way out looked like they’d lost a tenner and found a pound, and the food on the way back was awful. Entertainment is a rubbish little screen, but to be fair, the red wine was nice – albeit not quite in plentiful supply. (A nice Crozes Hermitage….very good)

I asked on this board a few weeks ago about experiences with BA 1st on their A380, was going to book simply to have ‘done it’, but am glad that EK finally came up with a great fare for the route I was looking at, I’m also looking transatlantic for another jaunt and will be on VS or AA, BA have been my last choice for a while now, think I might just cross them off all together.

As many are quick to point out, their planes are relatively full I guess, but I do wonder how many customers there are out there who avoid them.