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Worst – suffering a pax who was drunk and offensive to the Cabin Crew when his Y-class girlfriend was asked to leave the J-class cabin. Swiss, ZRH-PVG.

Best – managing to get back from DUS to BHX last Tuesday (21st Dec) on the 07.00 as planned, with no delay at all, despite the apparent worst snow in Nordrhein-Wesphalia in 30 plus years.

This year a number of us have met on several occasions, which has added to the sense of comradeship on the Forum. Friendships have been forged, and Jim Bannerman has become the expert organiser of drinking sessions – sorry, I meant exchanges of views over a beer. It was also good to meet Tom Otley and feel that our views about the magazine, the website etc are genuinely listened to.

Very best wishes to everyone, wherever you may be in the world (and also those in Bolton). May you have a safe, healthy and peaceful 2011.