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Sorry to add to this again, is there are thread for screaming babies (ie. infants under 2yrs old) in business class ?!

While I say ‘Amen to Barry’ & FlyingChinaMan – re: peace & quiet.

Yet again I had the misfortune to be in biz class where Virgin yet again puts a mother with ~18month smack bang in the middle of a the cabin, not at the front, or back…no in the middle… and said child cries continuously nearly 2hrs…

OK, so debate: mother paid the fare…so have the rest of us. Is it too much to ask at that £$£$ price a biz ticket costs now, to have Biz & First designated as “QUIET Cabins”..

While you can remonstrate adults and kids – and no doubt soon to be inflight connectivity for mobiles (why for heavens sake….) will it be like a train, where disgust can be voiced ?!

“Not only is this showing how badly behaved the children are, it is showing the lack of respect paying passengers have for one another. And that’s the same respect I ‘expect’ regardless of whether I pay £50, £500 or £5000 for my ticket.”

What can be done about babies, without looking like a unsocialable orge complaining (move to another carriage in a train). Bury your head in headphones – turn volume up loud, wish they’d start the inflight entertainment…try to go to sleep… how do you get respect from babies who are oblivious to the misery they’re contributing to in the entire biz cabin ?!

Yes, I’ve had screaming kids in duet, in Economy on a vacation flight, you hate it, but kind of accept it…but Biz class ?! Come on guys…put some policy in place, or at least apologise to full fare paying passengers…rather than shrug your shoulders and ignore the wailing, like the rest of us are trying to do.

OK rant over… and yes I DO like young kids outside an aircraft, just not screaming crying ones on expensive biz class flights :-((

Obnoxious kid or adult over a endlessly crying one…any day.

This is the THIRD time its happened, and my patience is wearing thin…excuse me fellow travellers, rant over. Happy quiet travelling everyone 😉

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