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usainbxl……..You and I will have to agree to disagree I suspect…..
You do make some valid points but what really is required is good parenting, good manners and good service. What kids don’t need is banning orders or prohibition. If we ban them how can we expect them to grow into socially adept adults?

It is in my experience it is adults who fail to behave to the social norms…after all children are children and we should not, indeed we must not, expect them to be adults no matter the surroundings. Well behaved yes, children certainly, but not adults. Their childhood is already too short.

As I stated earlier I have endured the hygienically challenged the snorers and the down right rude, none of whom behave to the social norm and I can tell you that being stuck next to, or indeed in the same cabin as, someone with BO for 10 hours is thoroughly unpleasant.

I travel with my kids in First and god help them if they play up. But whilst I do not expect them to sit still, I do expect that the airline will provide them with a service that meets their needs and which provides them with a level of distraction, suitable to their age, in much the same way as the airline does for me. Head phones that fit along with decent in-flight entertainment would be start. Catering too needs to meet the needs of the customer both in terms of cutlery, dishes and glassware as well as what goes on the plate. All too often kid’s meals in first and business are often simply economy meals put on a china plate. This is not acceptable and neither is junk food filled with e numbers and sugar…….the kids equivalent of too much alcohol. Food that meets national nutritional standards and is presented well is what is required. No different in other words to an adult requesting a special meal on dietary or religious grounds.

Airlines differentiate their products to make money and not just by class, but by fare type as well, resulting in a variety of passenger types in each cabin. Some want to sleep, some to work, some for the experience. Kids are no different and airlines need to provide services to meet those needs on the ground and in the air. Kids after all are airlines future revenue and have potential high lifetime worth. Kids are also very discerning, often more so than adults, and have very long memories and a great deal of pester power.

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