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I really find this forum useful and would certainly hope we can keep it civil. There are many people in this forum with excellent knowledge, experience, and insights.

Clearly we all have products and service we like better than others. While we may want to share our dislike using big words, it is perhaps better in the pub or the sauna (yes, I am Nordic!) Perhaps staying with facts and with less personal “feelings”. And of course, respectfully disagree where we have a different view. If we don’t like BA or LH, we simply don’t buy their services.

I read a very good thread in here a while back about behaviour while travelling. My own humble experience is: if I treat you with trust and respect, you will treat me with trust and respect. I have countless travel experiences where “bad” situations have been solved by starting of the conversation with a smile and some empathy.

In the future; let’s respectfully disagree