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Hi my fellow contributors,

I have decided to start this thread as I am interested in finding out what we all really want from this forum?

What I love about it is the ability to come on here and ask fellow travellers for their help, advice and suggestions about any number of issues from airlines and hotels to where to eat out on my first visit to a country. I also like to be able to use my experiences to help others when they ask for or need help and I feel that I have something to contribute.

People can usually get the information they want because we generally want to help our fellow travellers.

What I do not like, and it is becoming ever more frequent, is our forum being used by some contributors to attack others simply because they disagree on a particular topic or say something about their favourite supplier that they do not like. Often the topic is anything to do with BA but not always.

It is very easy to launch a verbal assault on someone when you can hide behind the anonymity that this site offers. I wonder if some of the nasty and mean things that are said would be if our identities were known?

I am not saying for one moment that contributors cannot disagree and have wildly different opinions on a given topic but those disagreements should be restricted to the topic at hand and not become personalised. We are all entitled to our opinions and I would not want that to change as it is what makes this forum interesting and useful.

I would really like to hear the views of as many of you as possible on this as if we can reach some consensus, i would like to go as far as to get BT to kick out those contributors who do not behave in what we would all generally agree to be an appropriate manner. If we do then we can stop the rot and get back to what I started using this forum for in the first place; to help and be helped by fellow travellers or simply exchange information with them!

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