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ConstantFlyer – 30/09/2015 13:05 BST

To answer your question, it may depend on the company. I used to work for a USA based company & all cash tips were paid back as ‘out of pocket expenses’ – however, around the time I was leaving, they were implementing a ‘maximum tip policy’ as well as ‘all cash tips at own expense’.

In other words, 15% max tip which MUST be part of the invoice, payable ONLY on the non taxable part of the invoice. If you wished to add more, you paid it yourself.

$1 – $5 tips to valet parking, doormen, barmen et al – out of your own pocket….no receipt, no claim.

I now work for a Scandinavian company who have recently installed a maximum tip scheme when travelling to the US or Canada….If you feel like giving a bigger tip – pay it yourself….