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another thread in decends into petty jibes. Its like a dysfunctional family getting together at christmas. You know there will always be one or two that cant help themselves and love to cause a drama or have a dig and always manage to ruin the day for everyone but because they are family you can’t get rid of them.
Then when pulled up on being the antagonist the same people claim innocence using at least one of the classic “get out of it” techniques, Deny everything, shift the blame, make counter accusations or change the subject.
this was quite a fun little topic for a short thread on a boring wednesday. I also dont mind being reminded of the taste event continuously because i have more important things to worry myself with than someone trying to promote something that is important to them to a group of people who may be interested in it, especially when a large chunk of them do nothing but complain about every little fault with BA. Only yesterday i was at reading a thread about the “Disaster” (i think disaster may have been a bit strong but then why not it was set up as a BA bashing thread) that is the new F lounge catering. surely this would be the perfect opportunity to get involved and try and get changes made.

Henkel we all know you dont like VK as you pop up on so many threads of his to have a go or disagree and in some cases it is useful to get both sides of the argument and your points are valid, but in cases like this thread you just come across as petty and a bit of a bore.

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