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Convenient that you won’t be replying to any more of my posts. Understandable as the truth does sometimes hit a nerve.

I asked you which part of the Data Protection Act had been breached. You still have not been able to do this. Avoiding the issue twice and quoting an online booking policy on the third time. The data protection act has many principles to it. Which one of them has been broken?. We will know never know.

At most I put this down to a blip of unprofessionalism on the hotels part nothing more nothing less and if you had cared to read my post you would have seen that I said so. “Could they for example have already contacted the airline, said sorry for a small blip of unprofessionalism and the matter has been resolved with their client. The airline ?”

Indeed could this matter have resolved with the customer and supplier like they said they would? Of course as you have nothing to do with this business transaction according to your beloved breaches they should not discuss any actions that they have taken with someone not party to the transaction so in any event you are unlikely to be told the outcome but thanked for your feedback. I think this did happen the first time round.

I don;’t see this as anything different to the receptionist saying your room number is xxx and this is on the yyy floor on check in as low and behold anybody within earshot would have heard. Nor is this different to me putting my name and room number on my room service breakfast order form that I put on my door.

Many people have commented on your aggressive tone in the communication. You even posted the Trip Adviser report here in case it was pulled … pulled for what breaking their rules ?

I can see in no point of their communications to you are they calling you a liar. They are simply stating that the have had no problems previously reported and there are no problems now. FACT… How do you know that that is not the case. Did you have this problem repeatedly each time you called your colleague. I guess we will never know.

You got a (unjustified in my opinion) bee in your bonnet and, when you didn’t get what you wanted you got nasty in a fit of anger which you have admitted to when sending your abusive reply.

They then replied that they would be speaking to their customer about this matter. That as far as you were concerned should be the end of it as mentioned above you are no party in the transaction and not entitled to information.

You then got even more angry.

My personal details are irrelevant in this matter .. I don’t think that any personal details were disclosed by the hotel where there ?

My comments have been based on my observations of your behaviour and of your language. Indeed many others have said the same thing.
you reap what you sow etc. I don’t really care what you think of me.. All I do is hope that I don’t deal with anybody that is rude and agressive when they get angry after not getting their own way. I have my 5 year old nephew for that.

This was not intended to be a playground spat although I can see that it could be seen as that but if you are going to disagree with someone or post something then prepare to be challenged on it ., If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen,

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