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Hey KJ , hope you have had a nice day.

I see all you want is confrontation and aside from you feeling my tone/attitude is wrong and this fast becoming a playground spat, at no point do you feel or make reference to the fact that what happened is wrong. I am therefore giving you a final response as I don’t have the time to keep on explaining myself and going round in circles.

I had asked you to post all your personal details here but you haven’t done that. I wonder why ? If sharing personal information is the norm in your world, what are you afraid of ?

In what way is a service provider’s mistake and subsequent poor response being highlighted tantamount to bullying ?

Reference Data Protection and breaches , here is Brittania Hotels privacy policy, although making reference to online booking, this is the same format followed for hotel guests before,during and after their stay.

Here is another great one for Macdonald Hotels

You ask how redress should be made and I want Brittania to brief their staff on not to give hotel room numbers out willy nilly to the first person that calls up ? They can surely post a response on tripadvisor or send me an email apologising for this whole affair. I asked them not to call me, not to not email me.

Can you imagine, after some sleuthing, you calling up the London hotel of Mr Obama and say ” Hi I’m John Keane, the BT forum dictator ,Can I speak to Obama please ?” and they say ” Yes I’ll put you through, he is in room 300 ?!

Or if someone you really despise ( like me, your virt ual enemy ) calls up your hotel and asks for John Keane and the dizzy receptionist says ” Yes I will put you through to his room which is room 256 ?

All your questions and more have been answered. Now if you have finished slandering me can you answer mine please ?

Do you find it appropriate for a hotel to discuss guest’s personal details to complete strangers ?

Would you like it if, for example, I call a hotel you are staying at and ask for you by name and they volunteer your room number ?

You claim to have read the entire thread, but have you seen the responses I have had from 3 of my contacts in 3 major hotel chains ? And those responses have come from people very high up management , not customer services !

You say that I am aggressive,vulgar,unprofessional,ridiculous etc but can you tell me in a few honest words what I feel for you ?

I will read your reply assuming you can answer me on the above and won’t be replying to any more of your posts.

Have a nice night !

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