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Hi Judy,

I agree that TripAdvisor is useful, but it’s worth bearing two things in mind (as you should when considering all internet “opinion” sites – including this one at times!):

1. People who post usually have a strong view one way or the other (and, human nature being what it is, it tends to be in the negative). The result is that it’s not a truly representative sample of guest opinion. However, if a bunch of negative reviews are saying the same sort of thing (as in the case in point) then it’s probably safe to give that thread a bit more weight. Especially when indirectly supported by the continually fatuous responses made by the GM!

2. It’s not unknown (even on semi-moderated sites like TripAdvisor) for good reviews to be posted by people “close to the product,” shall we say.

I therefore would agree that TripAdvisor is helpful. However, the most important internet tool by a country mile is surely 😉

Regards, Simon