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Admittedly I was angry when I emailed Pie in the sky Hotels.

However in the cold light of day I have read and re read the above email and just can’t see where I have been rude or threatening.

Would anyone who feels I have been rude etc like it ,let’s say if they a are a cabin crew member and they have a scrap with a passenger onboard. The flight lands and Mr Disgruntled Passenger wanting revenge finds out which hotel the crew are at and asks the room number of …………………………….? Do you see where I am coming from ? You can’t misuse guest details this way !

Can you imagine if my friend worked for El Al ? There would be pandemonium and certainly the contract would have been pulled yesterday itself. We all know how El Al protect their assets and it is very stringently. So why would another airline’s staff be treated any less ?

I don’t appreciate that hotel staff can be so lax with data protection and I certainly do not apologise for highlighting some losers bad attitude when replying via email on behalf of Customer Services.

Customer Services are there to build rapport and reassure customers not fight fire with fire.

On the back of the above , I contacted 3 of my contacts in 3 of the major worldwide hotel chains and here are their responses :

IHG ) We would never give out a guest’s room number and we take extra care with crew members.

Rezidor ) We would never give out a room number. It is company policy.

Starwood ) It is not company policy to do give out room numbers.

watersz it was certainly not the Hilton Deansgate.
NTarrant I used to work for the same airline and have Head Office Contacts so I certainly do have some control over this issue.

I am waiting for Pie in the Sky Hotels to get back to me and xxxx Airlines Head Office will certainly hear about this.

seasonedtraveller ,

It has been implied by their response that I am a liar reference the phone interference issue. They have said everything is in perfect working order and there are no problems ?

How can this person say such a thing when barely 24 hours earlier the very issues I mention happened ? It is of course being made out that I have just invented that I have of sorts made this all up.

Also the parts in Caps Lock from DOES ANYONE FEEL THIS DATA PROTECTION ISSUE IS ACCEPTABLE ? onwards are for BT forum members, I certainly did not write in Caps Lock to the hotel chain concerned.

All this charade that people are putting up of me being rude is laughable. It is amazing that anyone finds it acceptable for a hotel to behave this way. It is ludicrous that me highlighting all this makes me the bad guy !

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