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A key differentiator indeed – VK.

A good (ideal) bathroom will have:

A separate bath and shower – who wants to have to hop over the bathtub and through a wet shower curtain;

Good fluffy towels – not those threadbare rags that we all have to endure from time to time;

As vain as it may seem…good bath products (to take home to the missus). Tops for products include the Four Seasons Doha (L’Occitane); Hotel Imperial Vienna & Grosvenor House Dubai (Bulgari);

A TV speaker in the bathroom so that I can continue to pick up on the morning’s news whilst getting ready;


A nice view from the bathroom is always a bonus. Tops here include the Galle Face Hotel (Regency Wing) in Colombo, Sri Lanka; the junior suites at the Hilton in Tel Aviv; and, (ok, it’s technically in the Felix Bar’s toilet), who can argue with the view from the urinal at The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong!

Has anyone actually used a hotel bidet?