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The worrying point that came across from the BKK Airport docu, which naturally will never happen to any of us busy executives in the comfort of business/F or even on Private Jets, is the horrific thought of losing ones travel documents before departure in a foreign land.

On my last trip to BKK I left a mobile somewhere, sure I was upset, but all was replaceable and backed up.

The issue about having to show a credit card but not a debit card was also interesting (yes that had happened to me in HKG 2 years ago…. luckily I had a photocopy of the Amex card, which had been stolen/lost a few days before hand…

But to lose a passport and credit cards………. at the airport ………. I did feel for that guy and it has caused me to create a new recovery plan(if it happens to me)…. part of which will be to renew my second passport…