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Please be reasonable. There is so much at ABZ – and indeed EDI – which is still entirely free:

Breathing the air
Using the toilets
Reading the departures board
Being ignored by the information staff
Having your luggage lost and not listening when you ask about it

All of these have happened to me at a Scottish airport in the last 12 months.

And indeed, why do airports not charge for luggage tags? They cost money to print, the machines are expensive, the litter as incoming passengers rip them off needs collecting …

More seriously, life is too short to worry about this sort of thing. Yes it is mildly annoying, but airports have to make money somewhere and the better approach is to assess what your whole flying experience costs. Take Flight + surcharges + tax + ground transportation + parking fees + baggage fees + extras + rip-off prices for food, add them all together, take a deep breath, and if it still seems good value to travel, save yourself the angst of worrying about this petty charge or that minor inconvenience.

Either the all-in price is good enough value or it isn’t. If it is, spare yourself the worry and agitation. if it isn’t, don’t travel.

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