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“I like the sense of continuity with Heathrow’s history..”.

Agree with the sentiment…Historical…Yes… so surely its time that it became what it really is …a proper Museum.

We love hanging on to old things and I agree that many are nice to look at (buildings) and enjoy at leasure (V&A ..Natural history..etc exhibitions)but as an Viable International Airport …No..its.had its day….Bomber Command has been disbanded and this old aerodrome is not fit for purpose.

Even from what I have read the Heathrow Express is on the blink…assume there is still a chara-bang link available.

An earlier statement mentioned the “brown nose brigade” in full swing and looking for gongs …could be what next …Terminal 5 becomes King Billys Lament in tribute to who…Willie Walsh or maybe….the other guy even although hes not king yet…all a bit sil……