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The government here will never stand up for the interests of UK. We are far too busy following the diktats of Europe for that. We are quite happy for our trains to be built in France or Germany, however can you imagine Germany ever building their trains in UK? Of course not.

This is the exactly the same scenario as the way in which we are more worried about the human rights of criminals, immigrants etc and not about the victims or people who have paid taxes all their lives. I received a leaflet at home the other week from the local council, with it was another leaflet pointing out that if I needed the first leaflet translated into Urdu, Arabic, Polish or one of about 10 other languages then they would be happy to spend my taxes doing it. Utter nonsense.

I completely agree with your point transtaxman. Plenty of examples – why should the likes of SNCF come here, trouser nice subsidies on the railways and then reinvest their profits in their own systems. Bonkers.