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I agree it has become quite repetitive, and lost a bit of an opportunity to real-time a turnaround……

How many of us have sat exhausted in our lounge seat, looking over an apron, to find ourselves captivated by an incoming aircraft and then sit wondering where its come from , where it’s going next……captivated by the dance until it disapperas from our lives forever

More importantly, I wonder about the characters involved in the drama unfolding in front of me…..

Where are the passengers coming from and moving onto & why…..
The catering trucks….what conversations go on between crew & the commissary guy’s ….
The journey of all the bags….and baggage handlers’ chit chats
The full walk round with the pilot, including the couplings

In a nutshell, the BBC has let itself down badly with this, because it’s taken the lazy road and focussed on the…WHAT as opposed to the HOW & WHY’s…which by nature are always more engaging stories……..