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JordanD – 18/06/2013 08:32 GMT
(the veiled ‘where’s BA’s A380 comments are unbecoming of some)

🙂 “Unbecoming” – thanks!

It wasn’t veiled by-the-way, it was quite overt. BA couldn’t have flown back from Paris with their new metal and make a bit of a deal? They couldn’t have had the bloke driving/parking the BA A380 instead of the Qantas one? Perhaps with Heathrow being BA’s dominant home hub that their marketing director was unaware of this live TV show being shown to millions at prime time.

I can imagine the report: “I am at the helm of a Brand Spanking New A380 that British Airways don’t even have in service yet, I cannot tell you how excited I am about this – and how scared I am of scratching the magnificent new paint scheme”, reporter then goes on to show the British public a new way to fly with British Airways on the British Broadcasting Corporation.

But no – it’s in Paris.

Oh well, another missed boat.