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It does indeed.

And BA is running a business which would be holed below the waterline if LHR was shut.

Another reason to keep diversifying to reduce their exposure in this area….and more ammunition to justify the Iberia purchase.

I used to be fully supportive of a Third Runway.

However, the need for a dedicated 24/7 four runway airport is increasingly obvious, as is the inadequacy of Heathrow.

What’s more, the ease with which LHR site could be put to other uses and the long term strategic stimulus which the building of a new airport and associated infrastructure links would deliver is hard to ignore.

I don’t buy the argument that the Estuary sites are isolated – LHR has a very poor road link from London, which will likely need to be shut for an extended period as the structure is hardly stable. It didn’t have a dedicated rail link until relatively recently, and public transport to anywhere other than London is woeful.