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Sorry to disappoint your hatred of all things Walsh, BA and British, but in fact they are already happening.

The expectation that there is a hangar full of cash to be sprayed at BA’s customer’s is bonkers. If there had been, you’d only be grumbling that prices were too high. In fact you’d be criticising whatever was done, which rather devalues your posts.

There’s no doubt it’s been a difficult balancing act in the past decade.

However, in the past five years the advent of T5, new cabins rolling out in all classes, shorthaul and longhaul fleet renewal (picking up pace this year), improved catering, innovations such as CWLCY and new services to many routes not served previously….the list goes on.

Only last month the new Fast Track for BA’s premium customers at T1 rolled out and better check in facilities closer to security, as a tangible example of what’s being done.