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To add insult to this open sore: AMS Schiphol has announced today that they, in close cooperation with the airlines, are looking into moving forward the extension of the terminal with another pier.
In stead of 2022 this extra pier should be ready in 2019 at the latest.

They must be laughing their brains out about the sitcom called “Add another runway to an airport in Britain”. While totally incompetent politicians, study groups, consultants and other highly overpaid folks keep coming up with one ludicrous plan over another silly decision the competition is happily chopping away at the British air travel industry.

Plenty of sensible solutions have been discussed, along with the one or two not so sensible, on this forum. Monty Python came up with the minitry of silly walks. It seems they progressed to the ministry of transportation focussing on the demise of air transport and airports.

Monty Python gave up: they can never top this in absurdity.