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VK….Hardly sitting behind a desk!

While others sit about moaning for compensation, I have maintained a very busy travel schedule over the past five days, using the UK’s airports (Friday), trains (Sat/Sun) and road network (Mon/Tue) and will be flying again tomorrow.

If you flew on Friday from LHR you were very fortunate. Sadly many thousands were not. Too right I want compensation, it has costs me over £1000 to get a family home from Germany, it is also my 4th claim this year on the same policy and all the flights were on BA. I would not blame any insurer who now refuses to cover BA passengers or those using LHR.

People without your indepth and iside information have no idea LHR is running at 98% capcity and have no idea it cannot be maintained in the most summer months let alone in 2 inches of snow. What has been done to people is a disgrace and in my own case was cruel. Stuck on arcraft without adequate provisions and toilet facilities for a total of 10 hours in 3 days. Held hostage would be a better description as on Friday we were clarly told no refund, no bags, no help. As Stevescoots commented how come the terror threat goes away when there is disruption and the Ministry of transport suddenly can allow bags to travel withut owners???

The BAA are at fault for not having the ability to deal with snow. BA are to blame for their incompetance last Friday and their refusal to plan in the face of obvious disruptive weather at LHR.

A lot of the time you have great wisdom and knowledge about business travel and that is welcome. Your commenst about those stuck in these appalling circumstances are as out of touch as the minister for transport is, along with the CEO of the BAA and the operational manangemnt team at BA.

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