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Like most things, S**t happens. i was stuck in T4 on saturday, bizzarly I had landed just as it closed but ended up in teh arrivals for 4 hours waiting for my car to come, but thats a diffrent story..

anyway it gave me great time to observe the poor souls waiting to fly out. I have to say most accepted the situation due to weather, however as with most things the absolutly lamentable situation was that no information was coming from anyone, half the boards showed blank, not even a cancelled message, if you wanted info you had to wait at the desks for hours just to ask a basic question. BAA were silent, the only BAA staff around were cleaners constantly drying the floors. down in arrivals there was crowd of people waiting to leave, BAA did not even announce that they had closed the terminals to car and bus access. so the only way people found out was by calling thier relatives (or in my case the car park)

If people have to wait 24 hours then they have to wait, but i can gurantee they woudl feel much more at ease if BAA actually told them, rather than silence