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I know we all have stories and worries, about the current weather conditions. Please can this thread be used by travellers able to report the current conditions at airports and roads, as an assistance to others. The customers service issues and Britain shuts early for Xmas can be dealt with on the other posts.

I know that there are still hotels available at Gatwick. The M25 and M23 are still trecherous, whats the situation on the Thames link and Gatwick/Express.

Cancelations and changes – any updates.

Heathrow appears to be partially open.

I know people who came home from Gatwick yesterday thinking that their Orlando (VS) flight was cancelled, it was delayed and it apparently went 6 hours late.

I am hoping that we can all pull together the knowledge, insight and contacts, to help travellers get home or get away this week.

Thanks for your contributions.

(This has to be a no moan thread – however hard that may be – purely factual!)

…..and happy holidays.