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Martyn Sinclair

You said “The anti terror laws are in place for obvious reasons, the UK is a bigger target than say the Island of Malta, hence the sad need for these laws.”

I was replying to that point, specifically, to show (sadly) that we have had serious incidents here.

So I fail to see how…

“Once again Disgusted you turn the posts into a political diatribe to justify or in this case critisize the UK for its stringent stance on the movement of financial transaction including cash.”

I quoted three examples of terrorism, two confirmed to be by Arab perps and one by agencies unknown (alleged to be Israeli on Wiki.)

You then say

“If you consider the the alleged elimination of a confirmed and self admitted muderer (this was your link, not mine) by an as yet unidentified Governement agency as an act of terror, in Malta, then it only reinforces why Malta should enforce stricter checks and perhaps check your dustbin occassionaly to see if anything is being hidden.”

This is the most ridiculous thing I have read for a long time; in Malta, we call a gunning down in the street a murder, in this case apparently one terrorist being taken out by another unidentified set of terrorists – if it walks like duck, quacks like a duck, then Occam’s razor says it probably is a duck. How is this not terrorism?

People who hijack aircraft, blow up others and gun down others in the street are criminals/terrorists to my mind and I would be happy if none of them visit this country.

For your education, we do not have household dustbins in Malta.

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