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At one time vouchers were handed out on certain flights to passengers in CW and F, I recall getting one once, I think when I came back from HKG a couple of years ago. But I thought the entrance criteria is clear enough, although I suspect there might be some flights which fall in to a “grey area”.

I always find the opportunity to have a shower after a long haul over night flight to be a god send. The showers are popular, when I came back from AUH last month I got to the lounge at about 0710, the person in front was asked to wait as was I but we went in within couple of minutes from each other. The people after us were not so lucky having to wait quite sometime.

As you say Charles, its a great product and I would be happy to wait half an hour for that shower. It is a shame that the staff on the door are not as welcoming as they could be