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I would vote both Sng and HKG, its hard to choose between them. I have not gone T3 in SnG

regarding bags and immigration. Bags and security are evenly tied, except at HKG you dont have to put cases through the X-ray like you do at SNG. On immigration SNG is slower than HKG for me but at HKG I use frequent visitor card so just go thru the automated gates used by residents, no waiting, usually my bags from europe arrive within 5 minutes.

If you go to HKG more than 6 times a year then get one.

I would like to add ICh to the list but I havnt done it for acouple of years now so hard to rate.

I dont rate any US airport, and certanly not ORD. I do like Lexington kentucky, its tiny tiny wee place..but always empty, spotless and friendly staff 🙂