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I do have to laugh at Tête_de_cuvée’s (is that French for ‘Dickhead’?)usual 1970’s mindless Unionist rhetoric – no substance just the usual links to sites slagging off BA/BAA.

LHR T5 is the best terminal in the world, without a doubt. Sadly the rest of LHR let’s it down.

HKG is now looking tired and seems to have constant major works going on.

The whole experience of Changi is delightful.

Surprised that Incheon is given credit as it is a souless place and is only efficient because it is so quiet.

No airports in the US deserve a mention.

But let’s open this up a bit more; what is the worst airport in the world?

Port Harcourt, Luanda & Lagos spring to mind for obvious reasons but surely CDG takes the title???